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Dec. 5th, 2006 11:38 pm
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I can go back to my room until Friday evening, so that means I can practice singing again for the next two days! ^_^

And I won't have to be awoken at 6 am every morning either. :P
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There are some relatives staying at my house, and so I've been chased out of my room to the hall until the 15th of December. :P I'm definitely not going to practice singing in the open, especially when [ profile] wao is about 60 cm away and will start yelling as soon as I even try, and with relatives around it's too embarrassing to even try. ^^;;;

I should be able to start/resume working on my drafts after then, however.
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I'm kind of nervous. :P But I feel that I've done my best. We'll see how it goes...
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I was practicing recording my singing of a possible duet item, and while recording, my left thumb kept bleeding and spreading blood all over my palm. >_< I put a plaster on it and that seems to have eased the problem somewhat, but it's still disturbing that it's bleeding from almost exactly the same place where it's bled before (most notably during one of my exams while I was in my second year of university).

I'll see if it gets better tomorrow and record again during in the morning (my first three attempts today didn't really work very well for various reasons - either I was off-key in various places or my voice was too soft).
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I finished my Karaoke Competition VI entry and submitted it yesterday. Phew! What a relief! :P

I thought I would share the lyrics as well as a (bad) translation of them:

Lyrics (translation follows) )
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It's that time of year again!

Karaoke Competition VI organized by AnimeSuki forums

The deadline this time is midnight on the 29th of November (EST or GMT-5), which means the actual deadline for me will be around 1 pm on the same day. There must be something good about being in a weird time zone, after all. :P

This may also be the last karaoke competition I take part in for a while. We'll see about that though.

Now, it's time to get on with the singing and piano playing~~

Edit (03 Jan 2007): For those who didn't download the entries, I've uploaded my entries.

Wind's Nocturne


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