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Shipped my laptop this morning using FedEx Ground. It should get to Acer by next Monday (April 30th), and I'll probably get it back around mid-May.

Today is a bit cold, though not that cold. ^^;; At least it isn't 40 F or worse

And I met my new officemate in the cafeteria, and it seems like we'd get along together quite well. ^_^

I love buffalo chicken salad for lunch (with romaine lettuce, cheese and ranch dressing) ♥~
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I received a phone call this morning, and after a somewhat confused introduction, it turns out that I can ship my laptop to Acer America (in Texas) for repair. ^_^

I apparently have a 3-year international warranty, even though Acer laptops only come with 1-year international warranties... I'm not really too bothered yet how that came about, but I'm just glad that I can finally send it in to get it fixed. ^^;;;

I have no idea if I'll lose anything this time (since it's possible they may need to replace the hard disk and do a factory reinstall), but if I do, I do...

Now to actually prepare it for shipping and ship the thing...

I'm looking at using either USPS, DHL, FedEx or UPS, and so far:
- USPS seems to be the cheapest, though its tracking system leaves a little to be desired. :P
- FedEx has a location that I've been to before, so I know how to get there, but it will probably be more expensive than USPS...
- DHL is somewhere in Eastgate and thus rather inconvenient to go to
- UPS is closed on Sundays

I hope to ship (or prepare it for shipping) tomorrow after my furniture arrives. ^^;; But first I need to figure out how large the laptop is and how large the box will need to be.
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This afternoon (after my previous entry), I went to get a suit tailored for myself using the money my aunt gave me. The suit cost $750 (originally $850) from Justmen, which is slightly expensive, but the material is suited for colder climates and is a much better fit (because it's tailored) than any off-the-rack suit. It even includes some provisions for "expansion" ^^;;; And it should be ready by Wednesday morning~

After that, I finally bought a good laptop bag; not branded like Eminent or Samsonite, or even Targus, but the BHPC (Beverly Hills Polo Club) which is the same brand as my suitcase too brand for $78 (originally $89) at Sim Lim. It was quite interesting at the shop I went to because the person there recognized me from when I'd gone there 3 weeks earlier with my cousin and we had quite a friendly conversation while I bought the bag and afterwards as well. :) The funny thing though is that when I'd gone to that shop last week to look at suitcases, I'd got a completely different reaction from the person there that day that put me off the shop. I suppose the fact that I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and shoes probably made a difference. :P

And... Things are going to be really busy this weekend, possibly including some violent unexpected surprises. ^^;;
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My first entry in campus. ^^;; I managed to get internet access working, though for some reason I can't use MSN or Hotmail and have to use Trillian. It's okay, though I miss some features of MSN, but I can use MSN at home! ^^
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I got my laptop today! ^___^ Now, I can do my assignments in the privacy of my room without being bugged every 5 minutes. ^^;

On a more sombre note.. the results of the test came back today, and there's a slight problem with the heart, one of the valves is loose. It's not fatal, or very serious, but I have to be careful -- if I go for any operations, tooth extractions or anything like that I have to take a course of antibiotics. There's nothing else I can do about it.
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Just got back home after sending off one of my close friends; he's flying to the US for a holiday, then going to CMU in August. ^_^ Today we were selling flags for charity, and I managed to raise $5 or so before my feet gave up. ^^;; You have to be patient because most people won't donate, for whatever reason.

Oh.. my.. god.. *just remembered* My aunt gave me a cheque for $3200, the cost of the laptop. Squee! ^___^ I.. now have to work extra damn hard to fulfil everyone's expectations - my parents, relatives and my own. Somehow, I suspect the last will be the hardest. ^^;;;;


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