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To the best of my knowledge, a bed made in the American style/way consists of a mattress, a bedsheet, a pillow, a pillow case, a blanket, a quilt and a quilt cover. I could be wrong, of course. ^^;;

After washing my bedsheet, pillow case, quilt for which I should not use detergent and quilt cover today, I decided to try putting them on in a more structured approach than I'd been doing before (basically just dumping everything on the bed).

And, since I'm me, I just had to take pictures of it all. :P They're somewhat blurry since this was at night without my camera's flash...

The first part wasn't too difficult...

Bed with bedsheet and blanket on top )

The second part wasn't too difficult, or so I thought, until I realized something pretty basic...
It's a quilt *cover*, doesn't that mean it's supposed to be covering something? )

After some exertions (including dinner), I managed to get the quilt into the cover and so now I have a "stuffed" quilt cover. ^_^
The quilt and cover on the bed )

A close-up of where the quilt/cover, blanket and pillow are on the bed )

I wish LJ would let me have a longer "music" field length

Since the "music" field got truncated, here's the original:
np: James Buswell, Marin Alsop, Royal Scottish National Orchestra - [Violin Concerto #08] Souvenirs: V. Hesitation Tango (A Bedroom Affair) [566 kbps FLAC | 0:00 of 4:21]


May. 18th, 2007 08:42 am
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On Tuesday night, my Korean class went for dinner at Blue Ginger, a pretty popular (and good!) Korean restaurant in Bellevue (it's at the intersection of NE 20th St and 140th Ave NE). The restaurant was great and I had a large bowl of soup (of which I forgot the name now, but it was originally prepared with dog meat) with shredded beef chunks in it. It was really spicy, but it was wonderful. ^_^ We also found out more about our classmates and the teacher, including the fact that one of my classmates has been at Microsoft for 18 years. ^^;;;

Random note: fried kimchi and pork belly slices are wonderful~ Though not in soup ^^;;

On Wednesday night, I watched 깃 (A Feather), which was a somewhat slow but also quite moving movie about a "mediocre" film director, a piano, a hotel on an island, dancing the tango, and a promise... The scenery was very beautiful and I actually liked the movie, even if in some parts the pace seemed a bit slower than usual. ^^;; But I enjoyed the movie overall. ^_^

Last night (Thursday), the TV and DVD player that I'd ordered were delivered at around 9 pm, and it was pretty easy to set them up (within minutes, in fact).

Picture )

One more week until I meet [livejournal.com profile] relsqui, [livejournal.com profile] testing4l and their cats

Oh, and for some unknown reason, I started playing Clair de Lune. So far I can play it sounding nothing at all like the original. ^^;;;
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Yes, finally, about 3 weeks after getting the furniture, it's almost all done! [*]

Some pictures under the cut:
Furniture and stuff )

I'm actually starting to plan for a somewhat belated housewarming some time early next month, in the weekend of a certain day. ^^

[*] The only things still not done yet are a keyboard sliding bench (which needs a drill that I don't have and am too lazy to find/buy) and a wire bundler rack for the table, which also needs some heavy hammering and nailing work.
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I've been making rather slow progress on it lately, but now I finished assembling my bed frame and a bedside cupboard (and am waiting for the stain to dry). So here is a picture of what they look like right now. :P

Bed frame and cupboard )

The next item will be a 4-drawer cupboard, which I'm going to start on after lunch today. ^^;;; After that will probably be the TV shelf so that I can actually buy a TV, some barstools, the computer desk and chair, and finally the sofa-bed and coffee table. And then I'll be all done! ^^;

Speaking of which, I should start looking for something to cook other than pork chops, chicken fillets and turkey as well as get more pots, pans and dishes. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm still assembling my furniture, and it's not very fast (it took me about 2 hours to assemble the table, and about half an hour for the chair) because I'm the only one doing it (for several reasons), but at least now I have a place to sit down and eat and use my laptop. ^^;;

Completed table )

Completed table, chair and tablecloth )

There are still about 13 more pieces of furniture to go, though, before I'll post pictures of everything in a completed state. :P So be patient
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So I ended up not being able to find any suitable furniture at Goodwill yet, but I certainly did see some interesting things there.

Like a pink two-seater sofa.


*has no idea who on earth would buy it*

Some of the furniture was nice, but it either had a hold on it or was sold and waiting for collection. ^^;;

I'm trying to see whether I can go to Ikea on Wednesday, but it looks like it might not be possible to go with anyone, so I'd have to take the bus there... ^^;;;


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