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Met RE just now, she was on her way to see people and exchange farewells with them, since she's graduating at the end of this semester.
And I'm still here, in my first year and hoping that I don't do poorly for my exams.

*wishes RE best of luck for the future*

Will probably be staying overnight/late in school tonight to work on and finish up OP, depending on how things go. I doubt I can get much done at home now...
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It's on Thursday and Friday (i.e. tomorrow and the day after) at their offices. Here's part of the e-mail they sent to shortlisted candidates.

What they said )

I'm just worried that I'm going to screw up again, and I don't even really know what to prepare for. They have this (famous/infamous?) habit of asking candidates to code on the spot during interviews...

I also still have the oral presentation to prepare for. At least we're not presenting tomorrow but next Thursday ^^;;

And oh, did I mention that there's a practical exam this Saturday?
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I procrastinate too much at home. =P Anyway, my paper is due tomorrow before 1pm and I've only written about 1/3 of a page out of 2 pages. ^^;; Though at least I have an idea of what to write ^_^ *hugs Google*

Will probably be staying in school the whole day until about 8pm or so, but I'll (hopefully) be on MSN/AIM/ICQ.

And I'd like to think that I've gotten over yesterday...
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Okay.. I knew after I gave it last week that it sucked and I screwed it up, but it's still a whole new feeling to see it in black and white how badly I did.

*doesn't really feel like talking more about it now* This also happens to be a public lab..
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Just about to have a kind of brunch, and wash my clothes finally. ^_^;;;

Work I still need to do:
- finish BL assay due by 26th (which I haven't started, bad me!)
- write some code for trees so I at least have an idea how to do next week's lab, as well as the week after next
- do my 1104 lab for tomorrow (thankfully it's the last lab though)
- do my 2250 tutorial (1st question), though I don't know how to do it yet
- do my 1102 tutorial (argh)

Also, I need to write my short talk outline and rehearse it, though that depends on whether the tutor approves my topic. ^^

And oh, did I mention that I got accepted to take part in an experiment? It's next Monday (not tomorrow), and we get paid $30 just for attending... pity that it starts at 9am, about 1 hour into my lab session, which means either I need to finish the lab within 55 minutes, or try and change the date..
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*currently having lunch* Did I mention that lunch is good?

I feel quite relieved, both because someone told me I look younger and better, and because I managed to finish most of my outstanding work. The only stuff I have left to do for now is to finish my bio assay, and study for the 2250 midterm tomorrow. ^^
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Currently doing 2301 business letter, after which tonight I'll need to do my part of the 2250 tutorial as well as the 1102 tutorial.
Looks like it's going to be a long night ahead ^^;;

And congrats to RE for getting posting privileges back. ^_^

*was looking for a post to put this song to* =P
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At least for the moment. ^_^;;

Still have 2301 business letter to write, as well as 1102 and 1104 tutorials, and studying for 2250 midterm and doing tutorial 6 on Ford and BPR, but I can afford to relax for a while now.

Don't know why I feel so damn tired though..
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I managed to finish my first project, the proposal, even though I was late for this morning's tutorial, and I still think it's a whole load of crap. =P

But anyway, it was fairly interesting doing it, gave me an idea of what companies want to look for in their proposal.


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