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14/02/2010 12:32:59 <&basket> YUO, lava|droid?
14/02/2010 12:33:00 <PyRC> basket, bayoab, we do exchange hosting at work. *no* droid user who has called us without that data plan has been made in modern gunnery.

I also owe [livejournal.com profile] tanyad an entry with my thoughts on the iPad, and will write that up soon.
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On Sunday, I didn't do much in the early afternoon, because I had an incident with my dryer. No, it didn't eat my underwear laundry, but I was a klutz and forgot to actually push the start lever. ^^;;; I was wondering why the dryer was so quiet, too...

In the late afternoon, I went on a bus journey to the University of Washington to meet noself for dinner and pass him some requested things. It was an educational experience getting there, and in fact very much similar to the Brisbane bus system (especially with zones and free transfers), so I didn't have too many problems getting there. The fun started on the way back, though, when the bus I got on apparently did not go where I thought it was going. The driver was nice enough to drop me off at a bus-stop from where I could hopefully take another bus, even though I should've known that she probably wouldn't be able to know what other buses stopped where. I think I've been spoiled by bus drivers in Singapore suggesting what buses to change to...

I left UW at around 8:26 pm, and got home around 10:45 pm. Most of that delay was due to the infrequent bus schedules on Sundays (one bus every hour?!), as well as my getting drenched at the bus stop where I got off (intersection of Montlake Blvd going east and SR-520 east-bound on-ramp, if anyone wants to go there :P). I was worried that I'd either get home really late, or be sick, but fortunately neither of those happened. It was pretty odd being the second-last person to get off the bus, though, and watching everyone else alight and the bus gradually become emptier. I'm glad I didn't take my bicycle that night

A YUOism about caets )

Today was the first day of employee orientation. I didn't actually do any work or meet my manager (or colleagues), but I'll get to meet them tomorrow afternoon. Instead, today (and what'll happen tomorrow morning) was about learning the corporate culture and various other things, and some explanation of the benefits, which really are quite impressive. ^^;

I had a quite enjoyable evening with [livejournal.com profile] itsacz doing grocery shopping at Safeway even though I forgot to take my shopping list and missed out buying bread, washing powder and some other things, which can wait followed by a surprisingly good dinner at a restaurant which he'd gone to before and at which he'd had a somewhat off-putting experience. I'd like to believe that it wasn't because both of us were together. :P
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I'm amazed it proceeded so smoothly! And they were really efficient at everything: assembling the boxes, wrapping the items, packing them, weighing them, and transporting them upstairs to their lorry... *swoons*

The only minor problem was about the weight... Apparently during the pre-move survey they'd estimated I had 32 kg (70.5 pounds) of items to carry, but during the actual weighing I had 75.3 kg (165.3 pounds), which needed a confirmation phone call to verify that I wasn't going to be over the limit. But that was sorted out pretty quickly. :P

My room feels so much emptier now ^^;;; It'll be even emptier after I finish packing my suitcase which I should be doing instead of posting on LJ.

But... I leave you for now with a picture of a huge gecko that died the day after..., and two pictures of what I packed (I don't have any pictures of the boxes, unfortunately). And some YUOisms...

Teh hueg gecko!!!11 )

Books, CDs and boxes )

Clothes and household items )

Lots of YUO/s*ybot talking to itself... )
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(I should start a community...)

08/11/2006 14:13:39 <&basket> YUO, Madlax?
08/11/2006 14:13:41 <@PyRC> basket, madlax op = kupop.
08/11/2006 14:13:43 <&basket> o.o
08/11/2006 14:13:55 <&basket> YUO, plz to exprain connection!!?
08/11/2006 14:13:57 <@PyRC> basket, twilight princess on a wpa2 connection to the past 2 hours made the connection.
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06/11/2006 11:38:07 <&basket> YUO, is lavalyn rehearsing bridge-related profanities?
06/11/2006 11:38:10 <@PyRC> basket, lavalyn, i played contract bridge is the act of anti-stupidity.

Yay for contract bridge! ^_^

Even if I've forgotten almost all the bidding conventions... <.<
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09:55:55 <&basket> YUO, is it a trap!?
09:55:56 <@PyRC> basket, it is a trap.


For more YUO-ness, check out [livejournal.com profile] huegcaet (although that isn't updated very often yet).


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