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Quick post - I'm just about done packing and will start driving to San Francisco in about an hour and a half (with a stop for breakfast at Shari's).

It's a fairly short trip - about 10 days (excluding the 2 days that I "lose" when flying there), but I'm looking forward to seeing my family again, and meeting up with friends.
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I have taken pictures so far of my excursions to the Project-Cat Colony, KoLCon sushi, the Desert Botanical Gardens and other places around Tempe and greater Phoenix. All of those will likely have to wait until I get back home, though, since I forgot to bring my card reader with me to upload the pictures. :P

It's going to be a long drive (Live Maps estimated it at about 4 months hours) but I'm looking forward to it! I will most likely stop in Flagstaff for lunch or something like that, and try to get back to Phoenix by 7:00 pm or so in time for dinner and then catching my flight tomorrow morning.
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Just a very quick post while I wait for my flight to Singapore to board ^^;;

I went on January 19th with some friends to the San Juan islands, which are near Puerto Rico off the coast of Washington state. It was my first time there and I'd heard about it only because it's a very popular place to go to for whale-watching. It also happens to be very beautiful and has a lot of history behind it (did you know that the English and the Americans fought over it, and one of the wars was caused by a pig?)

We didn't get to watch any whales this time (probably wrong time of the year), but we had a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself very thoroughly. ^_^

Some pictures )
San Juan Islands

I went skiing on the 22nd and it was pretty fun, even if I fell down a lot. :P I don't have a lot of pictures, but I do have this one which I asked [livejournal.com profile] itsacz to take while he was off being a snow bunny.

Skiing! )

Things were pretty quiet after that, with a lot of time being spent at work getting ready for the release of Vista SP1. I did go to Hula-Hula in downtown Seattle for a karaoke event, though, and it was really good even though [livejournal.com profile] itsacz couldn't make it. For one thing, I sang "Summer Nights" from Grease with one of the people from work who was organizing it and she's a really good singer. We did a really good rendition of it (and she told me I sang well, too!) and I only wish I'd brought along a camera phone or something so that I could record our singing. ^^;;

Nothing much else happened, except that I took part in Chilly Hilly on Sunday which was at Bainbridge Island. It wasn't very chilly, but it certainly lived up to the "hilly" part! After 35 miles of cycling I was barely able to walk for a few minutes, and I had to stop somewhat frequently on the route to rest my legs. It helped that there were a lot of people selling Gatorade, water and edible snacks though, and some of them were very cute. :P I have some pictures, but I'm too lazy to upload them right now so I'll post them when I get to Singapore.

Anyway, right now I'm off to Singapore (via Tokyo-Narita) for a week actually 4 days to relax, get some paperwork sorted out, catch up with my friends and go for Touch 2008. It's all about the Gershwin, baby :D
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Today started with me finally being able to eat a cereal from the selection at the hotel I was staying at that wasn't too sweet. ^^;; I also got to see quite a bit more of Flagstaff, since I walked about 2 and a half miles to the Amtrak station where the shuttle pick-up point was. Brunch was courtesy of Late for the Train (which was about two blocks north of the train station in downtown Flagstaff). Incidentally, did I mention that that chain has an awesome name? :D

The trip back to Phoenix was much smoother than the trip to Flagstaff. XD For one thing, we were able to finally take I-17, and although there were some jams and an accident (involving a van that was transporting horses which got stuck, and the horses had to be moved), I was able to make it to Sky Harbor (the airport in Phoenix) in 3 hours.

It was also interesting because the other two passengers in the van were discussing something I at least knew a bit about - NAFTA, and how a new "open borders" policy with Mexico had taken effect on September 1st, resulting in trucks from Mexico being able to enter the US without having to undergo inspections/customs (according to one of the people in the conversation), and how the US was building a 12-lane highway that went directly to Canada (without any on/off ramps) for these trucks to use. There was also some talk of a North American Union similar to the EU, which would have a common currency across Canada, the US and Mexico as well as open borders and common security/trade policies. All of these things sound really fascinating and I really should get a subscription to the Economist or find out more about what's happening...

The other unexpectedly good stroke of luck was that the screening line at Terminal 4 went by very quickly unlike the one at Sea-Tac and I was able to make it to my flight without any danger of being offloaded or put on standby for a later flight, since it was full. The flight itself was uneventful and nothing happened while I was away - my apartment was still the same way it was when I got back.

I wonder what happened at work while I was gone, though. :P
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Props to anyone who gets the reference in the entry title

So yesterday I was finally able to meet my friend and have lunch with her at Village Inn, followed by a few games of bowling. ^_^ It was really fun, although both of us did rather poorly and I was wondering if having the bumpers up on our lane would've been a good idea. ^^;;

By the time we left the bowling alley, it was drizzling raining, and so I got to experience my first-ever rain in Arizona. :P The rest of the day was pretty much quiet; I was in my room leveling on CoH >_> and then went out for dinner.

Today was pretty much similar, except that I got some exercise by walking about 1 mile to a Kinko's twice (the first time to see where it was) to confirm my check-in for my flight tomorrow, since I won't have time to do it at the airport ^^;; On the way, I also ate at a really nice Japanese sushi bar/restaurant that wasn't too expensive unlike a certain restaurant in the Eastside and had a really enjoyable lunch of ginger beef.

I did end up walking about 4 miles or so in total, though, since I had the bright idea of trying to walk to the Amtrak station in the afternoon heat. >_> At least it didn't rain this afternoon~

And as proof that I really was in Arizona, I present you me looking rather funnily at the camera on a Sunday afternoon )

Tonight's probably going to be quiet, and then I leave for the Amtrak station at around 10 am tomorrow to wait for the shuttle back to Phoenix, which hopefully won't take more than 2 and a half hours this time. Since my flight is at 4:15 from Phoenix and the shuttle leaves Phoenix at 12 pm, that's cutting it rather close. ^^;;

And then I'll be on my way home to a pile of work mail!

Random trivia: 残念ながら分かりませんでした。
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My flight from Seattle to Phoenix (in Arizona) was uneventful (although I woke up at 3:45 am to finish packing after going to sleep around 1 am ^^;;; ) but the experience of being in Phoenix and getting to my final destination which is a secret for now was interesting, to say the least. :P

The long, perhaps interesting story )

One of the things that amused me was when I saw a sign that read something like this (all distances are in miles):

"Las Vegas 260
Los Angeles 180"

I wonder if anyone has ever driven to LA or Vegas from Phoenix Arizona, and how long it took them. XD


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