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Hello [livejournal.com profile] nyankoframe,

I would like to thank you for your interest in opportunities at Microsoft and for taking the time to speak with us recently. We were impressed with your skills and background. I am happy to share with you that the results from your phone interview were successful and you will soon be formally invited to our interviews in Hong Kong the week of October 23rd. We are currently working on the travel arrangements, and will contact you with more details as soon as we have the arrangements confirmed. Thank you for your patience.

It will be interesting for me to travel to Hong Kong. I don't think I've ever been there before. :P

I'm not going to be over-confident and say that I'll definitely get through this round of in-person interviews. I need to prepare a lot more than I did for the phone interview, and prepare myself mentally too for the stress of having so many rounds of interviews and facing a lot of challenging questions. In a way, it's like Worlds or AUDC though, at least in terms of maintaining energy level. ^_^;

*buries self in laptop*
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Hi [livejournal.com profile] nyankoframe, I have an phone interview time available for Wednesday at 4:00 PM PST, that should be 7:00 AM on Thursday in Singapore, would you be available at that time?

Yes, I can finally mention it now that I've got an interview time that I can make it for. :P I applied to Microsoft in Redmond, WA for a development position, and I passed the first round of e-mail interviews a few weeks ago. ^_^ If all goes well, I'll be having an in-person interview sometime in October. :D
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C:\Documents and Settings\nyanko\Desktop\coding>perl Scanner.pl
Checking for existence of Adobe Acrobat...
Not proceeding with checks for Adobe Acrobat because it's not installed.
Checking for existence of Adobe Reader...
Adobe Reader is not vulnerable.
Checking for existence of DotNetNuke...
Not proceeding with checks for DotNetNuke because it's not installed.
Checking for existence of iTunes...
iTunes is not vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.

Now for the file-based tests. :P

And yes, I know that it's due on Wednesday... But it's not impossible.
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After nearly getting lost in the morning (and somehow confusing One Raffles Link with Millenia Tower), I still managed to get to the office early.

Work went quite well, especially for a first day. :) Lunch at Carl Jr. (a new one opened at Suntec City Mall - the fountain) which was rather expensive, $7.80 for a burger, but I suppose it was worth it, because I felt much less hungry after it.

In the afternoon, I started getting into my element and cranked out some VBA code. I hit the zone (the area/time where I'm most productive) around 5:30 pm, and had to be persuaded to leave at 6:30 pm :P

So, all in all, a good day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. :)
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My last exam for this semester is on the 29th of November at 9 am for CS3255. I think this exam will be interesting, both in terms of preparation and the actual material that can be covered.

Today's exams were pretty interesting, especially the programming exam in the morning. I had a lot of fun writing code, and I hope it was correct. :P

The exam in the afternoon on project management was interesting in a different way as almost nothing of what we had studied for came out, except in small places. A lot of the questions were also worded trickily and sometimes needed to be read more than twice to be fully understood.

But at least there wasn't a lot of statistics.
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Patently Absurd

6 Indie Mistakes

The first link provides a partial view of the controversy regarding software patents, and the kind of litigious environment a small company / startup can face. While Gary Reback's views should be taken with a pinch of salt, since he is very much anti-Microsoft (and anti-patent), some of them are still valid.

The second link is more interesting if you're into game development or considering a career in it. While I don't fall into that category and am not particularly inclined towards it at the moment, it still makes for interesting reading.
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I've decided I won't be taking part this year. Instead, I'll try and concentrate on coming up with a unique idea for next year.
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One of them was that somehow, I'm being encouraged (highly) to take part in the Imagine Cup (Asia) 2005.

The other is something that I'm not really very keen on talking about in a public post.
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But don't you step on my blue suede shoes~

Now that CS3214 is finally over and I can sleep in my own bed at home again at a decent hour (note, sleeping from 4 to 6 am does not really count..), I thought I would write about some of the experiences doing the project.

I'll probably start posting them tomorrow, over the next few days. I don't intend to criticize what we/I did, but it may prove useful to someone who has yet to take it.
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With O(n log n) efficiency too...

Read more

Incidentally, Simon Tatham is also the developer of PuTTY, probably the best-known SSH/telnet client for Windows.
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It seems that CS3251 has tutorials only on Tuesdays and Wednesday.

I'm also trying to find common tutorial slots; so far for CS3253 and FNA1002 I may have some luck.

In other news, work on the 3214 project has started. The next few days will probably be spent doing configuration and installing of Apache, Tomcat CloudView, J2EE, CVS and Eclipse 3.0 (my current version is 2.1) so I may not have much free time for anything else.
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Eric Lippert blogs about dynamic programming and memoization, with reference to the Fibonacci sequence and algorithms for finding the longest common sequence (with the same order) within two arrays (or strings).

This is something that was taught in my Data Structures and Algorithm course (CS1102), but it wasn't really covered in depth, mostly because it's also covered in other courses (such as competitive programming) which a majority of the people taking this course won't want to do.

That being said, I feel this particular area should be covered more, because it can result in more efficient programs, even at the cost of increased memory usage.

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It was a hectic 2 and a half days of coding, mainly because my other projects only finished last Thursday. The final program works mostly, though I am sure there are some things I may have forgotten to implement. It was a good thing that my partner worked on the documentation and made it look professional.

I would also like to apologize to [livejournal.com profile] contradick, as I was not able to pass him the test scripts we used for our shell. The main reason was that I was coding and fixing bugs up until 30 minutes before the submission deadline. I hope his shell was able to work...

And finally, I want to wish [livejournal.com profile] jandir a happy birthday and best wishes for the year ahead, starting with the upcoming exams.
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So after I was supposed to go last year but didn't because of the SARS scare, I'm going as an adjudicator.

This time, the pressure is a lot more intense, because we're only sending two teams and two adjudicators (and no trainees!). It also means I'll have to give up going to Beijing for the invitational tournament there, because the dates clash.

In other news, my assignment isn't going anywhere fast and time is running out. *sweatdrop*
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Integrating is a pain.

And I need to work on the following (in random order)
- build a DB layer and get that working
- try and refactor the code.
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Dana Epp writes an article on this subject, in which he points out that the touted advantage of OSS - "Anyone can audit the code" isn't always true. It depends on whether code audits are done in the first place, who is auditing the code, and what level of auditing skills they have.

He also mentions that Microsoft is investing in security training - both for its own developers and for those that program for its platforms. They will be conducting a series of security webcasts this week.

Even if you don't develop for Windows (or have no intention of doing so), it might still be worth taking a look at. I know that I'll be doing so.
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So various stuff happened today/this week.

Firstly, I managed to write my own equivalent of "findfile" (by searching path) in C, without using exec*. :P

Secondly, why must the ATM at YIH always run out of $10 notes and only dispense $50?

Thirdly, this week is very tiring, and I suspect my weekend will be divided between helping to run the NCS (NUS Challenge Shield) and working on my CS3244 assignment to construct a decision tree in code, though at least I don't have to implement tree-pruning.
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In this case, .net doesn't seem to be appropriate.

Taken from a post in microsoft.public.dotnet.general:

Alright, I try explaining my situation. Genuinely, I have tried to switch
platform target, but there was nothing to be chosen in the configuration
manager. Just '.NET' Platform. I then tried to re-install my old compiler.
But screwed up by .NET... Guys, you got to realize this, I wrote this simple
app, I left everything intact. And I also agreed with the rest of you that I
have to install the framework but I must also repeat that , users don't want
to install extra stuff on their machines just like you dislike to install
codecs to your Media Player...The code is complete, consistent and 100%
error-free because it is nearly as simple as Bill Gates. Nothing there but a
couple of DrawLines... don't know what to say now... why you need to invest
in such a ....? zzzz
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Looking at the prices, I don't know if I can afford it. *chuckle*

MSDN subscriptions


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