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Started posting this from Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Ohio (though what's international about it, I don't really know...) and continuing from Grand Rapids, MI, and then eventually at my cousin's house. What a long post. ^^;;

Skiing at Whistler Blackcomb )

I came back from Whistler pretty thrilled about it, especially since I had a lot of delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream. ^^ Things were pretty quiet both at work and in terms of social life, although it did snow quite a lot on December 1st, to the point that it was a winter wonderland:

Ooh, pretty snow~! )

I went to San Jose for a work weekend, and met [livejournal.com profile] testing4l, [livejournal.com profile] gemlikeflame, [livejournal.com profile] relsqui and [livejournal.com profile] zigdon there and much fun was had over Fluxx and Mongolian BBQ. Though I must say [livejournal.com profile] relsqui and [livejournal.com profile] testing4l are pretty good at changing the rules to suit themselves. ;)

One of my friends was going back to Singapore the following weekend, so we organized a trip to a gun range for her, since she wouldn't be able to do that in Singapore. And so it was that I fired a weapon for the first time (since I never did in NS), even if it was a 9mm pistol:

At the gun range )

Snow and Shooting

I left for Michigan last night to spend a few days with my cousin, and so here I am. :)
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Yes, this is a long overdue post...

Boston )

New York )

I'm rushing for dinner right now before my flight to Michigan, so I'll post part 2 shortly (perhaps at an airport somewhere)~
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Warning: this post is quite image-intensive. ^^;;;

But first, a random picture!

o noz )

So, I moved in on the 7th (well, the 6th, mostly, but that was too dark and stuff) and spent the next few days getting settled in and buying lots of stuff. I also took some time off to take pictures of the apartment and its surroundings:

First impressions )

The first shopping trip resulted in this...

Results )

And then, there were these:

The beautiful lake )

As well as this:
Ducks on the prowl~ )

End results (partial) )

My bedroom still doesn't look very much different yet, apart from having my desktop and modem/router set up on the floor, together with a fan. :P

But I'm going shopping today~
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I decided that I was too lazy to stick it on the end of my previous post, so...

Here are the pictures! :P

Mee goreng in the wok )

Me holding the proof )

Cz holding the proof )
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I spent this morning taking pictures with the camera, and testing out the macro mode with the flowers in my balcony. I particularly like this picture (this and all subsequent pictures are resized to 36% of original size to be more browser-friendly):

Bougainvilla, macro mode )

In the afternoon, I went on a drive with my father, my aunt and my cousin, and that was yet another opportunity to take more pictures, of course!

Lornie Road traffic through the windshield of a pickup )

Lentor Avenue traffic )

On our drive, we went to the Upper Seletar Reservoir, and that was my first-ever time there. There were a lot of monkeys, but somehow I missed taking pictures of them... I was able to take a few pictures of the reservoir area though.

In the reservoir park )

The observation tower )

A snapshot from the observation deck, with strong winds )

And, of course, no picture-taking expedition would be complete without a cat. ^^

Cat, spotted outside Balestier Hill Primary School )

We also went to Yio Chu Kang and Jalan Kayu, and it was really quite surprising for my aunt and cousin to see how much the area had changed since they'd last been there, as they left Singapore in 1987. It seemed so modern and completely different, although some elements of the past were still there, such as some of the shops, and some of the houses around the West Camp area.

I wonder... how much of what we saw today will still be there in 2 years' time? Especially since I'm leaving soon too...


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