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I was overjoyed that my visa documents finally came this morning, about an hour after my last entry. Perhaps the only problem now is that I'm very much buried in paper. ^^;;; (edit: just to clarify, these are the documents that I need when applying for a visa, not the visa itself ^^;;; )

I went out for lunch with my ex-NS colleagues (including my CC) for lunch at Ajisen Ramen in Lot 1 to celebrate a colleague's ORD (and as an unofficial "makan" which there wasn't time for when it was my turn last October) :P

The ramen that I ordered was pretty good (ton toro, with fried pork I believe), and it came with a side dish of chicken teriyaki. It wasn't very spicy and was easy to swallow. ^^ The same couldn't be said for the "volcano" ramen, though, which lived up to its name with a 4-chilli (for hotness) rating. :P Nevertheless, everyone who ordered it was able to finish it, and according to them, it tastes really great, if you can handle the spicyness. Perhaps I should try it next time. Any takers?

After that, it was time for a bit of brief shopping in which I bought two large spindles of CD-Rs and DVD+Rs respectively as well as a 60-page file clear holder for my loose scores, and then checked out the Winter Time warehouse sale at Jurong East. The prices are quite attractive, and I'll be going there tomorrow on Monday afternoon with my mother to actually buy stuff.

The cooking items may also be back on the agenda, because I don't believe that the import/customs duty will be that much. It'll certainly rebut show [livejournal.com profile] itsacz that I'm not that underequipped lightweight. :P

And... oh yeah, if you happen to be in the Esplanade/Raffles City area tomorrow evening, do come down to watch NUSPE perform "Da Capo" at the Esplanade Library from 5 to 5:30 pm. ^^

It's here!

Mar. 8th, 2006 11:55 pm
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"What is it?", you may ask? Well, it's Touch 2006, the annual concert of the NUS Piano Ensemble, which is held in March every year.

This year's concert is especially important for me because it marks the first time I'm performing at the concert after 3 years of doing backstage and other things such as video filming (and subsequent editing).

I'm very grateful that I've been given a chance to perform after making it through the auditions, and I'd especially like to thank our group's tutor, Mr Timothy Ku, for giving me the opportunity to perform, and for putting up with the trouble I caused him. I'd also like to thank my partner, Allan, for being accommodating of the very divergent amount of musical experience and styles each of us has.

And finally, I'd like to thank in advance everyone who will be attending, and I hope that the group as a whole, and my item in particular, can provide you your money's worth. See all of you there! :-)

edit: I ♥ everyone who's posted comments :)

A little something about the music (taken from the Wikipedia article on Scott Joplin). The Wikipedia article links to several locations where scores can be obtained freely (as the music is now in the public domain) such as this one.

Joplin had several marriages. Perhaps his dearest love, Freddie Alexander, died at age twenty just two months after they married, of complications resulting from a cold. The first work copyrighted after Freddie's death, Bethena (1905), is a very sad, musically complex ragtime waltz.
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It went off pretty well, although there was some criticism of the piano's texture. At least there wasn't much (if any?) criticism of my piece, nor of most of the others.

Of course, my sister being who she is, had to criticize just about everything, from the singing to the piano, to the performances.

One thing they all agreed on though was that the Isle of Joy (the item immediately after mine) was carried off brilliantly.

Now, it's time for me to start catching up on all the projects that are pending. *le sigh*
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After 3 and a half months, it's finally here. And it's now at the UCC Theatre.

I'm happy that after 3 years, I get to perform in UCC as opposed to helping out backstage or filming. :-) And especially happy that, in spite of my lack of formal qualifications (or rather not having enough), I can play well enough for people to be willing to partner with me.

I wish I was able to play better so that my sister would actually be proud of and like my playing, but I guess that's life.

I'll probably write a longer, more substantial entry after the concert's over.
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NUS Piano Ensemble presents:

TOUCH 2005
Wednesday, 9th March 2005
7:30 pm
UCC Theatre, NUS

Tickets cost $10 (inclusive of $1 SISTIC booking fee).

(image courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] phoenixjean)
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The session (piano marathon) will be held at the UCC Foyer at 6 pm. If you are interested, go and order something from Dome and watch the show. :-)
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I suspect cl, among other people, will be *very* happy with it. =D

The timetable )
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So the concert went off pretty well in the end.

Now, it's time to go back to 3214 and 3253. I'm not looking forward much to tomorrow. =/
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If you are, then why not make your way down to the UCC Theatre before 8pm?

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Well, I can finally say that it's over. =P

Read more... )
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And I'm still not quite there yet...
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So I found out that you don't wait for the previous people to come out first before you go in. *embarrassed look*

Anyway, found out some interesting stuff about ragtimes in general.
The origins of ragtime )

In other news: My eyes are somewhat painful now...
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I'm rather nervous...
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On Saturday evening, my laptop ran into some problems, and I had to use the desktop.

But I managed to fix it this morning, and also installed the extra memory that my brother brought. The laptop feels much more responsive now. =)

This evening I went for dinner with some of the PE people, and we ate at Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura. Then we went to Swensen's, where they had bought a peach cake to mark the birthdays of those in June. As Chewie would probably say, mmm!

Tomorrow, it's time to iron and pack, so I'll be rather busy. But I'll try and post an entry. ^^;;
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There'll be debate trainings tomorrow and on Friday, and PE stuff throughout the week; don't know exactly when PE stuff will be though. And on Thursday I'll probably be offline the whole day (or at least most) because of observing precepts.

Some holiday this is turning out to be. *weak grin*
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The elections for the 16th NUSPE Committee were held today, and I was elected as the Publications secretary by an overwhelming majority of 14 votes, with the other 2 candidates getting 2 and 1 vote each. They got into the committee though under other posts. ^^

Anyway, there are about 3 more sessions to go before we break for the exams, and after that it's time to start planning our direction for the coming year, as well as what we're going to do for next sem's Matric fair. ^^;;

And I'm going to take the Grade 5 practical exam next May. ^_^ *will go and buy the set pieces next week*
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I've been appointed as the assistant stage manager again for the March concert ^_^;;; The first rehearsal is next week, and I wonder what I'll be doing this time.

Eventually, I do want to perform in the concerts. ^_^ Realistically speaking though, it might not be happening this year..


Feb. 20th, 2003 10:01 pm
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I think for the last two weeks, I've slept about 20 hours in total.

Anyway, today we had a masterclass by a pianist from the States, who taught us about rhythms, and other stuff applicable to two-piano pieces. I could understand most of it, but I was so tired that I fell asleep several times during the class.

I still need to study for this Saturday's 1104 test..


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