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(yes, it should probably be "graduate" but I want to be different! :P)

I got a B for Science of Music and for my HYP, and a S grade for the other two modules I took which I chose to grade S/U. While it's not fantastic in itself (someone whom I know got an A- for her HYP), it's still pretty good because at the least it maintained my average in the 2nd lower range. It would have been a shame if I'd dropped to a third class or worse.

As far as I know, the ceremony is on the 12th of July which will be interesting if I'm in the army by then. Speaking of which, I haven't heard anything on that front at all. Perhaps I should go check...

In other news, it seems that the family desktop computer is overdue for an upgrade/replacement. The hard drive died while I was overseas and during that time I got a lot of calls and text messages about it. At the moment I'm considering assembling one myself but I don't want to be responsible for it all the time, especially when I'm not around. I hope I can recover everything from it, as otherwise we'd have lost about 3 years' worth of e-mail and my sister'd have lost all her anime, music and artwork.
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I got to the venue extremely early (around 7:30 am, when my timeslot was from 9 am to 12 pm) and spent the next hour or so just being randomly bored and thinking about everything except the presentation. :P

After setting everything up in the room, I spent some time going informally over my presentation with the other presenter (who was also under the same professor as me). His evaluators arrived first, and one of them was particularly sharp at probing some of the weak points of his research and presentation.

Fortunately, that didn't quite happen to me. :) Although I had to deal with some unexpected questions about how I would market my scanner if I decided to and what kind of model I would use for updates and handling new vulnerabilities. o.O

Overall, I think it went pretty well and I'm hopeful that I'll get a good grade (at least a B, hopefully a B+). I'm not sure when I'll know though. ^_^;;
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My HYP project presentation is tomorrow morning! It's some time between 9 am and 12 pm, and it's an open environment, so random people (in addition to the evaluators) may be walking in and out.

If anyone is interested, the venue is at S16, #02-04. I won't tell you where that is or how to get there, though. =P

I've rehearsed what I'm going to say, and printed the poster (finally!) this afternoon, and I just finished mounting it onto a backing board. So all that I need to do tomorrow is (in no particular order) to:

- shave (reasonably cleanly)
- have a shower
- use a little perfume/stuff (maybe :P)
- iron long-sleeved shirt
- take along laptop (for demo), tie and jacket (to wear if needed)
- eat breakfast
- do my best :)

I know one of my evaluators, because I took a module conducted by him last semester. Hopefully he has a good impression of me. :P

It's over!

Apr. 5th, 2006 06:21 pm
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After a marathon 7 am to 4 pm session today, including the previous few days' worth of work, my HYP was submitted today at 4:52 pm, just in time before the deadline of 5 pm. (This was before I found out the deadline was extended to 6 pm)

It ended up being 43 pages long and about 7,000 words in total. All in all, I'd say that's pretty decent for a HYP report.

For now, though, I need to concentrate on my e-poster "slides" which are due this Friday. And after that, there's the (A1-sized) poster presentation and the actual evaluation itself.

Interestingly enough, one of my evaluators is my friend's HYP supervisor. It's a small world, isn't it? :P
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C:\Documents and Settings\nyanko\Desktop\coding>perl Scanner.pl
Checking for existence of Adobe Acrobat...
Not proceeding with checks for Adobe Acrobat because it's not installed.
Checking for existence of Adobe Reader...
Adobe Reader is not vulnerable.
Checking for existence of DotNetNuke...
Not proceeding with checks for DotNetNuke because it's not installed.
Checking for existence of iTunes...
iTunes is not vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.

Now for the file-based tests. :P

And yes, I know that it's due on Wednesday... But it's not impossible.
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Appropriately enough, for my final semester, I'm only taking 3 modules and I intend to S/U 2 of them. I'm not sure which 2 though...

The timetable will be updated when I have my tutorial schedule (bidding starts tomorrow, I believe).

I still have to work on my HYP, so there really won't be a lot of time left over for non-academic things (after concerts, auditions and so on). For this week, I need to prepare a small presentation on which approach I want to follow...

Modules and Timetable )


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