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I'm still assembling my furniture, and it's not very fast (it took me about 2 hours to assemble the table, and about half an hour for the chair) because I'm the only one doing it (for several reasons), but at least now I have a place to sit down and eat and use my laptop. ^^;;

Completed table )

Completed table, chair and tablecloth )

There are still about 13 more pieces of furniture to go, though, before I'll post pictures of everything in a completed state. :P So be patient
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30 items and a lot of money, $1653.53 later, I've got pretty much everything I need to get for at least the next 1 year. ^_^

Some of the items in the haul:

  • a sofa-bed

  • a twin-size bed, complete with mattress, sheets, pillow, pillow cover, etc.

  • a chest of 4 drawers

  • a bedside table with two drawers

  • Several lamps

  • A computer desk

  • A coffee table

  • Dining table and 4 chairs

  • 18-piece crockery set (mostly plates)

  • A TV hutch/thingy

  • Two barstools

I'm really grateful to the people at IKEA, especially the cashiers and the people at the self-serve warehouse, who were very willing to help even though it was almost literally closing time. ^^;;;

And I'm especially grateful to [livejournal.com profile] itsacz for obliging me by taking me there in the first place, being patient with me while I agonized over many things such as the length of a desk, and finally being especially patient with me while I ran up and down in the self-serve warehouse and came out with about 3 loaded flat carts in addition to what we already had. ^^;;;;

I also had a nice dinner (beef stew with rice for me, and the famous Swedish meatballs for him) with him. ^_^


No, that does not imply anything :P
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For my own reference:

Living room - 13.5' x 10' with one wall 16'
Dining room - 9' x 7.5'
Bedroom - 11.5' x 14.5' with one wall 12' and another 8'

Total floor area (including closets, bathroom, deck, fireplace and storage): approx 650 square feet

Now to figure out what to buy and how to arrange it. ^^;;;

I also can't imagine what I'd use a wood-burning fireplace for, especially in summer
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So I ended up not being able to find any suitable furniture at Goodwill yet, but I certainly did see some interesting things there.

Like a pink two-seater sofa.


*has no idea who on earth would buy it*

Some of the furniture was nice, but it either had a hold on it or was sold and waiting for collection. ^^;;

I'm trying to see whether I can go to Ikea on Wednesday, but it looks like it might not be possible to go with anyone, so I'd have to take the bus there... ^^;;;
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Warning: this post is quite image-intensive. ^^;;;

But first, a random picture!

o noz )

So, I moved in on the 7th (well, the 6th, mostly, but that was too dark and stuff) and spent the next few days getting settled in and buying lots of stuff. I also took some time off to take pictures of the apartment and its surroundings:

First impressions )

The first shopping trip resulted in this...

Results )

And then, there were these:

The beautiful lake )

As well as this:
Ducks on the prowl~ )

End results (partial) )

My bedroom still doesn't look very much different yet, apart from having my desktop and modem/router set up on the floor, together with a fan. :P

But I'm going shopping today~
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I have and don't have an address. :P

I just found out where my temporary corporate housing complex is, and where to collect my keys from. But it's only temporary, and so I don't have any permanent address as yet...

A question for all the people living in the US: Should I apply for a P.O. Box (and keep it even after I find a place to stay after 2 months), and if so, how soon? And how much does it cost (one-time plus per month)?


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