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I was replying to a comment elsewhere, and I felt like replying in English words/sentences, but running it through a machine translator into Japanese.

The original reply was:

(E) "I understand your frustration and annoyance. Posters are very expensive and I had the same problem when printing my project poster out too... There was a place I went to at Selegie Centre or Sunshine Plaza, or around that area, where it was about $15 or so for an A1-size poster as opposed to $50 usually. I hope I can remember where exactly it was..."

Excite translated it into:

(J) "私はあなたのフラストレーションといらだちを理解しています。 ポスターは非常に高価です、そして、私には、また、私のプロジェクトポスターを印刷するとき、同じ問題がありました… 私がSelegie CentreかサンシャインPlazaにおいて、または、その領域の周りに行った場所がありました。そこでは、通常、それが50ドルと対照的にA1-サイズポスターのためのおよそ15ドルでした。 私が、それがいったいどこにあったかを思い出すことができることを願っています…"

which when fed back into Excite (using the Japanese->English translation option) results in:

(E) "I understand your frustration and irritation. The poster was very expensive, and when my project poster was printed again, I had the same problem … I was Selegie Centre or there was a place where it had gone to surroundings in the area in Sunshine Plaza. It was usually about 15 dollars contrasting it with 50 dollars there for A1-size poster. It wishes that I be able to recall where on earth it was."

It's much better than Babelfish in terms of machine translation accuracy (Babelfish can come up with some "interesting" translations), but it quite clearly can't compare yet to a native (or fluent) speaker's translations.

For the record, this is what Babelfish translated the original text into:

(J) 私はあなたの欲求不満および厄介を理解する。ポスターは非常に高く、余りにからの私のプロジェクトポスターを印刷するとき... 私は同じ問題を有した私によってがSelegie の中心でか日光の広場に行った$50 に対してA1 サイズポスターのための約$15 またはそう通常だったその区域のまわりに場所が、またはあった。私は私が丁度それが... あったどこに覚えることができることを望む

And the translation of Excite's Japanese:

(E) "I have understood your frustration and irritation. The poster is very expensive, and, in me, in addition, when printing my project poster, there was the same problem... me or, there was a place where it goes around the territory Selegie in Centre or sunshine Plaza. Then, usually, that 50 dollars contrast was approximately 15 dollars for A1- size poster. Me, you have asked the fact that that oh can remember high just somewhere..."

Excite didn't like Babelfish's Japanese output very much though:

(E) "I understand your frustration and trouble. Poster..very..high..too..project..poster..print..same..problem..have..center..sunlight..plaza..go..size..poster..some..so..usually..the..district..turn..place..provide.I am just its : of me . . . It is hoped to feel it for where that is. "

Edit: Updated with translation of Excite's Japanese text from Infoseek and translation of the original English text:

The original English text into Japanese:

「私は、あなたの欲求不満と不快感を理解します。ポスターは非常に高価です、そして、また私のプロジェクトポスターを印刷するとき、私には同じ問題がありました...私がSelegieセンターまたはSunshine Plazaで行った場所がありました、あるいは、その地域のまわりで、そこでそれは通常50ドルと対比してのA1-サイズポスターのためのおよそ15ドルほどでした。私は、私が正確にそれがどこにあったかについて覚えていることができることを望みます...

Excite's Japanese text into English:

"I understand your frustration and irritation. There was the same problem a poster was a high price very and when I printed my project poster to me again…There was the place that I went around in Selegie Centre or sunshine Plaza or the domain. Therefore it was usually about 15 dollars for an A1- size poster in contrast with 50 dollars. I hope that I can remember on earth where there was it…"
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I was finally fed up enough this morning to let my laptop complete dumping memory when it blue-screened yet again about a minute after I logged into my laptop. 1 gigabyte of dump file and a reboot into Safe Mode later...

The culprit is identified in gory detail! )

The solution was as simple as running this command in an elevated Command Prompt (while in Safe Mode) and then rebooting:

C:\Windows>sc config ubhelper start= disabled
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

I can add my voice to [livejournal.com profile] itsacz's criticisms of Creative hardware, and in addition, criticize Mustek for writing bad drivers. It's somewhat frustrating that it took so long for these bugs to be exposed when everything appeared stable on XP and below...

Now that everything's stable, the laptop actually runs quite a bit faster than it used to, and I was able to go online from a food court in Tiong Bahru (where I went with [livejournal.com profile] wao while accompanying her on her photo-taking adventures) during lunch using the new Wireless@SG initiative from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. The speed is actually quite good, even at 12:30 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. :)

And yes, I believe I still have a Cluedo set at home somewhere. ^_^
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If this suite's a success, why is it so buggy?

The myth of open source rests on two improbable assumptions. The first is that a significant proportion of users can fix bugs. That is true at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the concept of free software was first formalised in the 1980s by Richard Stallman and others, and it is true in some of the geekier corners of the internet. But on programs intended for use by the non-programming public, it's a very different story.

This is important because of the second crucial false assumption: that even if not all users can fix a bug, they can help find them. They can't. Most users just think: "The computer isn't doing what I want."

The problem(s) with OpenOffice

But that doesn't mean open source is somehow infallible. Sometimes the comments here read like a devout Catholic thinking I've started a smear campaign against the immaculate conception. Keep in mind that it's just software and that it can always get better. Things get better as we find their bugs and improve them.

Having actually used OpenOffice (more specifically, 2.0.3) in a certain green uniformed office environment, I agree with the both articles. OO (in short) is particularly buggy and crashed a lot (much more than 1.x), and a lot of things that should work either don't, or work in a completely different way from other programs that people are used to. I think it also didn't help that it was imposed by fiat and training was provided after the fact for a limited group of people.

Yes, people are lazy and may not want to re-learn things, but since OO decided to "challenge" Microsoft Office in this aspect, it has no excuse for not trying to at least support the standard key combinations or provide useful feedback/help. Which was another gripe I had, since the programs were installed but not the help files. That's very useful. :P

Oh well. That time is now over. :P But I still can't recommend OpenOffice to anyone unless they really have very basic needs. I think even my mother's book would have had problems with it.
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While I was randomly browsing kuro5hin, I happened to come across this article on a review of the e-slate voting system which is scheduled to be implemented in San Mateo County this year for the elections to be held there.

It's common knowledge by now that the Diebold voting machines in use elsewhere have some serious flaws, and it seems that most of the issues mentioned have not been resolved as yet.

This is definitely a development to watch out for, both in terms of whether the introduction of such systems will reduce the necessity for and frequency of electoral re-counts and whether it will result in fewer contentious/contested races (such as the south Florida presidential ballot of 2000).

But one troubling aspect of American democracy that neither system addresses (and arguably, can't address or isn't designed to address) is increasing voter apathy towards the entire electoral process. This comment on the k5 article makes the point eloquently:

The random-choice-between-two-evils has gotten so bad that the results are within a couple of percentage points now, if that.  This is dangerously close to the margin of error with manual processes.  Again, if the difference is below the margin of error, what is the point of anyone voting?  It is all just a toss-up.  This was clearly shown in Oregon where each recount came back with different results.

So, something is needed and needed right away.  Fraud?  Fraud is far, far less severe a problem than apathy.  Fraud is far less of a problem than the vote being "stolen" by the news reports claiming someone has one before the West Coast polls have closed.

Why does the US population seem to demand results within a couple of hours when other countries can wait two weeks?  I don't know the answer to that, but I suspect it has to do with the whole idea of it being a "horse race" and there being a "winner" and a "loser".  You do not have to wait two weeks for the results of any other sort of "race".

Just to clarify about the margin of error here... If you sit 100 people down to count jellybeans in a 100 jars you will end up with somewhere around 1-2% error even with the most careful people.  It is possible to have every single operation repeated three times and only accept results where three different people come up with the same result, but that requires incredible patience, patience that the US population doesn't have for vote-counting.  Check how amusement parks count cash and compare this to how votes are counted.  It is highly unlikely we are going to see high-accuracy counting being done for votes.  When the margin between candidates is 10-15% nobody cares about 2% error.  When the margin between candidates is 0.2% then 2% error is 10 times the difference and it makes getting a repeatable, reliable and accurate vote count impossible.  That is where we are today.

So having a reliable electronic voting system is only one part of the electoral system and of fixing its problems in the US, albeit a significant part - especially with the improvements made to the machines to reach out to blind and disabled voters.

When will we have anything like that here?
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So much so that cat errored out too. :P

nyanko@LupinIX:~$ sudo cat /dev/mem | strings | grep llama | wc -l
cat: /dev/mem: Bad address

For those people who don't know what that means, here's an explanation:

"But to explain it very simply, what that command does is to dump the computer's memory to the screen (cat), get all the text from the dump(strings), find all lines which have llama in them (grep) and then count the number of lines (wc).

So there were 332 lines with "llama" in them in my laptop's memory. ^_^;"
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DIY Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser

It's awesome! :) Just because you can feed your cats via the Internet. :D

I don't have any cats right now, but this is definitely an idea I'd consider if I was going on vacation.

I'd want to make sure it worked first, though, and that the cats wouldn't topple it over. It would be a big problem if I came back home to a messy kitchen full of cat food and cats lying all over. :P
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"You are in a small crypt. Images of mp3s are carved into the walls."

"[livejournal.com profile] relsqui the gelatinous cube quivers before you (46HP)." (with a button to attack)

Well, that didn't succeed as well as I thought. :P

edit: This unintentionally funny thing happened when I tried playing it again. And if you knew the joke (or play KoL / hang out in /radio), you'd find it funny too. ^^;;

You are in an enormous arena. The mosaic floor shows princess tutu.

"You quaff the potion marked '[livejournal.com profile] princesscurly'. It tastes like jazz."

"You quaff the potion marked 'PROGRAMMING'. It tastes like kingdom of loathing."

I died in the Dungeon of Nyankoframe

I was killed in a dusty armoury by Relsqui the gelatinous cube, whilst carrying...

the Amulet of Lcklmslm and 0 gold pieces.

Score: 12

Explore the Dungeon of Nyankoframe and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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This page was translated to the following:

It is Oikawa.

Also the customer preview program of Windows Vista beta 2 starts, it seems that many ones start to appraise Windows Vista. Are transmitted, the circumstances which even such as ブログ everyone has tried. On the side which it develops very, very it becomes encouragement.

Several, "it cannot install XXX," that, you looked ブログ and the bulletin board which have been written kind of the fact that "YYY does not operate". As for Windows Vista because even in the security aspect UAC (user account control) with the mechanism which is said it is introduced, as for several applications there is a possibility influence reaching to operation.

More )
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C:\Documents and Settings\nyanko\Desktop\coding>perl Scanner.pl
Checking for existence of Adobe Acrobat...
Not proceeding with checks for Adobe Acrobat because it's not installed.
Checking for existence of Adobe Reader...
Adobe Reader is not vulnerable.
Checking for existence of DotNetNuke...
Not proceeding with checks for DotNetNuke because it's not installed.
Checking for existence of iTunes...
iTunes is not vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.
Checking for existence of Microsoft Windows...
Microsoft Windows is potentially vulnerable.

Now for the file-based tests. :P

And yes, I know that it's due on Wednesday... But it's not impossible.
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Unfortunately, it doesn't make any sense at all:

15:10:11 <%PyRC> basket, they did a lot of brains, and a perfectly rational black man can explode.

I am also geeky in that I thought of constructing a phrase tree and a grammatical representation from this sentence. <.<;
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Super-speed broadband could arrive as early as '06

It makes you wonder why Finland seems to be the place where a lot of innovations happen (IRC, fast "last mile" connections to every house, Linux among others), but the US seems to be getting more press as the center of innovation.

And why Singapore probably won't be there any time soon. Sure, we may have cable to nearly every home, but the outgoing connections are still limited and routed weirdly - why does my route to an Australian server go through Japan? and a connection to the Middle East goes through the US.
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Hopefully this will inspire me to actually get around to (finish, in the case of some series) watching them. =P

In no particular order:
Read more... )

Also, I found this particular topic in #animesuki interesting =D

What happens when you combine anime titles and nicks? )

And finally...

[16.10.04 01:32:33] <%basket> Uninhabited #animesuki Survive

That is all. :D
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With O(n log n) efficiency too...

Read more

Incidentally, Simon Tatham is also the developer of PuTTY, probably the best-known SSH/telnet client for Windows.
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For a motion "THBT there's nothing quite like McDonald's", in which my extension was that "there are conditions which make it impossible, or at least highly improbable, to duplicate McDonald's success; namely, their value and supply chains, as well as their workers'.

I leave it up to you to figure out whether that was valid.

And on an unrelated note, this rocks. And so does this.
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If this doesn't come out, you probably don't have Japanese font support )

And in case you can't see it, this is what it says:
Kanji )

And if you still don't get it ...
English )

Many thanks to wao (who also happens to be my sister) for helping out with the translations.
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Eric Lippert blogs about dynamic programming and memoization, with reference to the Fibonacci sequence and algorithms for finding the longest common sequence (with the same order) within two arrays (or strings).

This is something that was taught in my Data Structures and Algorithm course (CS1102), but it wasn't really covered in depth, mostly because it's also covered in other courses (such as competitive programming) which a majority of the people taking this course won't want to do.

That being said, I feel this particular area should be covered more, because it can result in more efficient programs, even at the cost of increased memory usage.

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From a post in the lj_dev community on LiveJournal (http://www.livejournal.com/community/lj_dev/627644.html):

http://www.livejournal.com/users/USER/data/rss?auth=digest    ;
Get RSS feeds (including protected entries) by authenticating with HTTP Digest Auth. Good for aggregators.

RSS Bandit supports Digest auth, and also displays the feed with a lock icon. This is good, because I can (possibly) put Bandit and my feed list on a USB thumb drive and then carry that around, without having to worry about authenticating using cookies and other things.

Of course, I should mention that this only works if you already have a LiveJournal account.

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Kasia's law of cat and door dynamics .. states that a closed door and a cat exert a gravitational force of attraction at each other. Due to this force an action of closing a door will produce a reaction of a cat scratching at it. The location of the cat in reference to the door (side a or b) is not relevant.

[Via kasia in a nutshell]


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