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I played cricket on Saturday and got run out for 1 after an attempt to score an additional run went awry. ^^;; It was still very much fun though, and my team "won" the match by 105/5 (105 runs for 5 wickets) in 15 overs compared to the other team's score of 80 all out.

Sunday was a relatively quiet day, and today I actually went to the gym and ached in places I never knew existed. ^^;;;

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to see some improvements over the next few months, especially since some free time will unexpectedly appear in a few weeks' time.
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I still haven't gone apartment-hunting with my relocation consultant yet, because I've been so busy this week and had so many meetings that I just didn't have time to go anywhere. But I definitely need to do that soon, together with taking my written test. Probably on the same day...

I also need to watch my finances. Having about $4000 per month (after taxes) sounds like it would be a lot, but rent, utilities, buying groceries and other essentials can easily take up one-third of that amount at least. Plus I have to save for my future. I have more savings than current money now, but that's a freak result There are also some people whom I'd like to buy presents for, too, so I need to budget for that.

I had a pretty ordinary day at work, although I was still pretty tired from last night, so I didn't do a lot and left early, but I made up for it with a great dinner with [livejournal.com profile] itsacz at Thai Ginger in Redmond Town Center. It was really filling and definitely much better than reheated (somewhat overcooked?) turkey. ^^;;; I might even skip breakfast tomorrow

Tomorrow, it's off to the gym, after putting in a bit of time at work~
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Here's a quick update. :P

I've started working out three times a week at the PRO Club, and I have an exercise plan of action! It involves me cycling 4 miles twice a week, apparently. The best way would be to cycle around campus I'm thinking of going to Crossroads, which is about 3 miles away, but the traffic is going to be awful, especially in the evenings... ^^;;;

Speaking of going to the PRO Club, apparently my top speed was 95.3 mph going there. o_O And it was mostly (gently) uphill, so I don't know how it calculated that... There might be something funny going on with the sensor. The ride back from work was pretty average, though, which was a relief, since it was drizzling and it was dark. :P

Work's been starting to pile up over the last few days, and I came back home around 9:30 pm tonight. I hope I don't have to work later than that yet.. ^^;;; I don't have any stock of energy drinks and they only have Red Bull in small cans, not in bottles

Tomorrow promises to be a long day... And I need to work out on Saturday. I hope I don't ache *too* much. ^^;;; And I hope my thumb heals soon.

Oh, and I got into the Korean beginners' class. ^^ It's tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7 pm, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it~
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So, I didn't die after all. Instead, I did some push-ups, various exercises, and lifted some weights (2 5 pound dumbbells and a 10 pound triceps press). I also got my height and weight measured, but those are secret. :P Though if you want to know, I might or might not tell you privately

My personal trainer's also going to come up with an exercise program that's catered to my needs, so I'd likely be meeting him twice a month, and working out 3 times a week, for at least 8 weeks. The goals/areas I told him I wanted to achieve were to increase my upper body strength, to increase my stamina and to look lean. I didn't tell him why I wanted to look lean, though. ^^;;;

The workout was quite fun, and I felt better (read: less embarrassed) doing repetitions when there was someone there to encourage me. And then I couldn't remember which locker I'd used and spent nearly half an hour trying to find it. But I eventually got home around 9 am...

My next appointment's on Tuesday at 8:30 am, when I'll get the exercise plan, and I'm probably going to shower and change there before going straight to work. Hopefully my legs will cooperate, too.

Other than that, today was a pretty quiet day. And I'm wondering if I'll still be invited for dinner tonight (I was invited last week) or whether that's been called off... And I'm off to another dinner gathering, so I'll have a good dinner, hopefully. ^^;; Even if I still haven't cooked anything as yet

Oh, and my credit card had arrived in the mail when I checked my mailbox this morning! I'm not going to go crazy on it (not with a spending limit of less than $5000), especially since I actually have to remember to pay off the balance (as opposed to a debit card where it just gets deducted) but it's a good thing to have for emergencies and other things. And maybe now I can consider getting myself a desktop? :P
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Today was COLD... I was really unused to it after the warmth we've had the past few days. Then again, it was raining too, so maybe that might've contributed. My fingers were frozen when cycling and I could barely warm them up enough to chain my bike properly. ^^;;; Going to Safeway to buy frozen dinners probably helped, though.

No trip stats today, because I don't feel like it. Also because I don't want to go out in the rain and cold again and become a frozen basket have numb hands again. ^^;;;;

I got added to the Korean class mailing list, so hopefully that means that I managed to get in. We'll see, though. Work was pretty fun (I got to listen in on a pretty high-level meeting) but also somewhat embarrassing (I was put on the spot, and it turns out what I said might be wrong....) ^^;;;;

And I visited MSR's TechFest, an annual exhibition of some of the cool things that are coming out of Microsoft Research. One of the things that really got me was Asirra (from here):

Asirra: Securing Web Services with Cute Kittens

Can you tell a dog from a cat? Perhaps you’ve seen Web services that require you to solve a small challenge to prove you are not an automated script. This is known as a CAPTCHA, and it commonly involves looking at distorted text and typing it into a box. Since OCR software can identify distorted characters quite well, CAPTCHAs add visual clutter to their images, but this also makes the challenges harder and more annoying for humans. We are developing a system, called Asirra, that challenges users to classify images of dogs and cats, a task difficult for software but easy and even fun for humans. Because software is of little help to us, Asirra needs a large source of classified pet images. We obtain them through an alliance with Petfinder.com, a nationwide pet-adoption site, which benefits because every challenge implicitly advertises adoptable pets.

The organizers even went to the extent of putting up a sign at the entrance warning people who were allergic to cat dander not to come in. ^^;;;; And the demo booth had two bored-looking cats in a cage, and one of the people there said that a cat had already been adopted yesterday XD

I probably might die tomorrow, because my initial (free) consultation with my personal trainer at the PRO Club is at 7:30 am. I hope I'm ready... but at least it lasts for one hour. I think. :P
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Well, I'm pretty sure now it wasn't caused by the flu. ^^;;;

I think it might have been either because I was cycling in the rain on Saturday or because of accumulated stress from the last few days (stress from work and from worrying about cooking an authentic mee goreng for [livejournal.com profile] itsacz, among other things). (My mother says that what I made isn't mee goreng, but rather stir-fried noodles with vegetables. Oh well.)

Since I'm feeling somewhat better now, I thought I'd post some links/observations over the last two days, as well as things I'm going to do over the next few days:

List of things to do )

But I'll probably have to go in person to the nearest Yamaha/piano equipment dealer and see what options there are, anyway, as well as the touch... Of note is that some of them are not portable. :P Memories of transporting a certain person's digital piano in 2003 come back...

And once I get a keyboard (as well as headphones and a bench, if needed), I need to transport everything back and then start practicing almost non-stop ^^;;;

Apparently I can cycle to the nearest dealer (Bellevue American Music) from work, too, so I might check it out tomorrow or on Tuesday (depending on my schedule).

Cycling directions )
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And sometimes inaccurate, or overly long. :P

Case in point: Getting to the PRO Sports Club from my house. I'm going there this afternoon for my orientation appointment, and I was researching how to get there.

Going by the shortest distance (the option I'd normally choose when planning a cycling route), it goes like this:

Total distance: 1 mi
Estimated time: 3 Minutes

Shortest distance )

But when choosing shortest time (the option that'd make more sense for cars), it goes like this:

Total distance: 1.6 mi
Estimated time: 3 Minutes

Shortest time )

There are some other similarly funny/long routes, including some scenic drives/cycle rides to Maple Valley (which is towards the south of Washington state). I might or might not decide to try one of those, but if I do, I'm definitely going to tell someone where I'm going. ^^;;;


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