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As reported from WWWJDIC:

哀愁 【あいしゅう】 (n) pathos; sorrow; grief; (P)
愛執 【あいしゅう】 (n) attachment; covetous affection

I wonder which one is more appropriate.
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I don't know who sang this or who played the piano accompaniment, but she has a very powerful voice and they can play the piano very well. :)

Also, the lyrics are in French, so I don't really understand any of it, except the title: "The Umbrella of Cherbourg". I could be wrong though. ^_^;;;

If anyone knows more about this song, feel free to comment. :P
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Rating changed from M (15+) to AO18+

While I think it was not a particularly good idea on Rockstar Games' part not to disclose to the ESRB that GTA contained such hidden content when submitting it for rating, I feel part of the blame should also lie with the person(s) who created the patch and encouraged its widespread distribution.

"Getting the most out of your purchase" )
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I think the lawyers in the house might be interested:

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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] frank and all the other LJ people! ^_^

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Well. I don't know exactly how to describe my mood now; had so much fun last night.. first two of my closest friends and I watched Minority Report together. I'm not going to give out any spoilers about the plot or the ending, except that it was definitely worth the $8.50 (and $5-something we paid for the large sweet (^^) popcorn, an ice mocha, and two other drinks).

After that we just basically walked around looking for a place to eat and rejecting all my suggestions. ^^;;; Finally, we ended up at nydc, which just happened to be across the road from the cinema. Whoops. It was good exercise though, and we had an excuse to sit down on the chairs while waiting for the queue to shorten. We also looked at a shop which was selling Beanie Babies and other teddy-bear like things, though the price was a little high. I'll still consider it when buying birthday presents though. ^_^

Nothing much happened, we talked about old times and stuff, how we won't really be seeing each other much -- both of them are flying off to the US, sometime next month. We'll still be able to chat on ICQ I hope, especially since both of them are sharing a dorm ^^ I have to say, the mudpies are heavenly, and if you don't have to watch your weight you should eat a few of them. *lookout*


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