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The last few weeks have been really busy (so much so that I didn't have time to post). I've been really busy with work mostly (dealing with servicing can be quite immersive), but among other things that happened:

- [livejournal.com profile] meerkat also came up to Seattle for the Veterans' Day weekend and we had a good weekend together - I finally went to the Space Needle for the first time even though I've lived here for almost 2 years! We also swung by the Cornish College of the Arts, went to a Seattle Symphony performance at Benaroya Hall, Ernestine Anderson's 80th birthday celebration at Jazz Alley and watched (or started to watch, rather) A Taste of Tea. Which reminds me, I should get around to finishing that...

- I went to several karaoke bars and killed my voice made other people deaf had a pretty good time, trying out some new songs that I didn't know I could do, including Glenn Miller's "Chattanooga Choo Choo" (which makes me think of [livejournal.com profile] saraphina_marie even though she doesn't live in Chattanooga) and Sara Bareille's (sp?) "Love Song" (I'm not going to write you / a love song / to stay ~ ) as well as (I am somewhat embarrassed to say this) Lil' Mama's "Lip Gloss" from the Xbox 360 game "Lips" as a duet with someone else, in which we each scored over 4 million points. Um I mean.. ^^;;; *hides*

- I met a friend in Seattle who has a pretty interesting goal in life - she wants to be an organization consultant (and is currently doing that on the side). Basically her clients hire her to deal with things they've been putting off, or messes that are too much for them to even think about, and then she provides suggestions about how to organize their homes (and what to buy to get things sorted out). So far we've gone out twice for coffee/chocolate and dinner and felt like we've had a great time both times, but that's all I'm going to say on the subject right now. :P

But more currently, I just got confirmation that [livejournal.com profile] wao is now in the state of Washington, and is probably going through immigration right now. I shall be leaving to pick her up shortly, and I'm sure the month that she stays here will be full of happiness, joy, going places, and cats.

Lots of cats.

Even Especially [*] in the snow.

[*] (c) 2004- [livejournal.com profile] testing4l. "Especially in .+" is a registered trademark of [livejournal.com profile] testing4l and may not be reproduced without [livejournal.com profile] testing4l's permission. Or else the zombies/wumpii will come get you.
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I haven't posted in a while, because I have been way too busy with work and other things, but here's a quick update:

- [livejournal.com profile] meerkat is coming on Friday for the weekend!! This makes me *very* happy and I've been planning things for both of us to do over the weekend! (as well as frantically cleaning up my place)
- [livejournal.com profile] wao is coming in December for a month! This is great news because I haven't seen her since February and she's been very envious of Belle and my general cat-ownershipness.
- Speaking of Belle, she's going to be getting a big sister tomorrow! I am adopting Lillian from the King County animal shelter in Bellevue (near the post office!) and bringing her back home tomorrow. It'll be fun getting both of them used to each other's presence!
- I bought an 8GB Zune on Monday. It's a nice blue color and I really love it! The interface is definitely much improved from the first and second-generation models.

I also have a lot of photographs to post, but I am just going to be lazy and link you to the Flickr sets individually.

Cherry Blossom Festival )

Sheep and Tulips )

Woodland Park Zoo )

Fanimecon 2008 )

Seattle Mariners baseball game )

Hypericon 2008 )

The Grand Canyon and Arizona )

HeroCon 2008 and the San Jose Sharks )
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So today, on the way to work in the bus, a guy runs up to the bus-stop with a large box, panting heavily and all. He pays his fare and sits down opposite me. The first thing I hear is a "nyau" from the box and I am hooked.

When I heard his story, I almost cried. He moved into an apartment where the previous owners (who had a cat) had moved to a place that didn't allow cats, and they left their cat behind for him to look after. Unfortunately, his roommate is allergic to cats and insisted that the cat had to go. He was on his way to the humane shelter to leave the cat there, as no one was willing to adopt her.

The choice was clear.

So, I now have a cat in my office and she's exploring the office (with the door closed!). So far she seems much more interested in the computers than her makeshift litterbox and water bowls. ^_^ (right now she's lying down beside my leg) She has been spayed and has her shots, and is named Belle, with the most beautiful gray eyes I have ever seen.

To say that I am excited and overjoyed would be an understatement. :D

EDIT: Thanks to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] haplo3k, I have a picture of Belle for those of you who can't wait here.

Also, I will not get to spend a lot of time with her this weekend since I'm going to AX. Boo. :( But next week will be all about her.

Project Cat

May. 3rd, 2008 01:32 pm
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I just stumbled across this site after [livejournal.com profile] haplo3k mentioned it in IRC, and it totally appeals to my senses! For one thing, it's all about rescuing cats from being euthanized, and I can have my own long-distance cat too!

Project Cat: Our Story Thus Far
Project Cat: THE RAFFLE

I'm planning on donating it, and I've sent an email to the person running the project with some questions before I commit.

edit: I donated $150 to the project, and now I'm deciding which cats I want to sponsor by looking at the pictures on Project Cat - flickr. This is going to be really interesting...

edit2: They did it!! They raised more than $1000 to trap, neuter and release the feral cats!
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I've had a really exciting weekend, although it was pretty tiring ^^;;

I went to a cheese and wine party on Friday night, and I met several people from IRC and had a really good time sampling various cheeses as well as a few glasses of wine. It also helped that my friend has 4 cats and they're all very adorable. ^_^ There was also some really cool Wii Sports and Katamari action, in addition to Gears of War (in which I was actually surprisingly decent for once). Now I want to buy a Wii and a PS2

On Saturday, I went to an annual picnic organized by Microsoft which was really exciting though it was more of a family event. ^^;; I had a great time there with [livejournal.com profile] itsacz and some other friends from work. After the picnic we went for dinner and had a really nice pasta while some people played mahjong. I can't play it though. XD

Sunday was pretty quiet except for catching up on sleep and playing some of the new scores and CDs I've got recently. I might post more about those soon. ^^;;

Next week will be pretty interesting since I won't be in the office for about half the week. Let's see if anything happens to my office. XD
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I have just two words to describe: simply awesome

Definitely worth the $9.75 for the ticket admission price, and the opening-night audience was very much into the spirit of the movie too, applauding and laughing at the appropriate moments.

Dinner with some new friends from work was also really good, although I think it's going to take me a bit of getting used to having dinner in a bar where they card you upon entry, even if you're not ordering anything alcoholic. :P
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This was totally not prompted by another trip report posted elsewhere

I met [livejournal.com profile] relsqui and [livejournal.com profile] testing4l on Friday afternoon at San Francisco airport, where they were picking me up from even though they don't actually live in SF. We had a nice time overall, eating at several different restaurants (a Jewish deli, a real Chinese restaurant, Pizz'a Chicago and a Mongolian BBQ - twice!), and I really enjoyed hanging out with them and having fun together. :)

I played Guitar Hero and Gran Turismo at their place, and although I didn't exactly do well in either game, I did enjoy myself lots. :) I also watched [livejournal.com profile] testing4l play Okami and Tony Hawk and he seems to be quite good at both.

The highlight of the visit was going to an impromptu "game night" that a friend of theirs organized, and I learnt a few things there:
- I definitely can't sing country music at all without failing totally.
- There are actually people who can sing country songs well, and perhaps more scarily actually know most of the songs featured in Karaoke Revolution Country.
- Somehow, I seem to do much better at singing songs featured on American Idol
- Karaoke Revolution is very addictive~ And a very good way of breaking the ice, even when I totally fail at singing country duets and the person I was singing with looked more and more embarrassed ^^;;;

[Edit: I totally forgot to mention TheTech Museum! >_< It was made of awesome and win, both for all the exhibits - how often do you get a chance to design a car starter, especially one that starts the car when the door is open? And whacking spam (literally) has such a therapeutic effect~ - and for the loads of fun I had there (including being in an 'earthquake', playing with lots of coloured foam tubes, and lots of other stuff). The IMAX movie we watched ("The Human Body") was also jaw-droppingly awesome, and I would totally go back to TheTech again just for the IMAX experience. XD I also bought several shirts and other things to remind me of my visit and to wear when I run out of clothes.]

Photos while I was there! )

I wish I had been able to stay longer, so that I could have seen more of California, spent more time with them and their cats, and even gone for a ride in the famous MR2. But it was still a good experience. :)

There was a minor scare at the airport when I thought I'd left my cellphone in their van, but it turned out that it was actually in a pocket of my bag. *embarrassed laugh* One unexpected benefit was that I got an exit row seat because there were three passengers on my flight who were willing to give up their seats and take a later flight...

I got home at around 1:15 am on Tuesday morning and promptly crashed in bed. XD

On Wednesday, there was a Korean documentary, 송환 (Repatriation), that marked the end of Korean movie screenings for this quarter and which I went for even though I was probably the only student in the audience.

More about the documentary )

I hope that I'll be able to take Korean classes again next quarter. ^^;; And in other news, I'm going to be playing in a cricket match on Saturday. o_o
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Today was COLD... I was really unused to it after the warmth we've had the past few days. Then again, it was raining too, so maybe that might've contributed. My fingers were frozen when cycling and I could barely warm them up enough to chain my bike properly. ^^;;; Going to Safeway to buy frozen dinners probably helped, though.

No trip stats today, because I don't feel like it. Also because I don't want to go out in the rain and cold again and become a frozen basket have numb hands again. ^^;;;;

I got added to the Korean class mailing list, so hopefully that means that I managed to get in. We'll see, though. Work was pretty fun (I got to listen in on a pretty high-level meeting) but also somewhat embarrassing (I was put on the spot, and it turns out what I said might be wrong....) ^^;;;;

And I visited MSR's TechFest, an annual exhibition of some of the cool things that are coming out of Microsoft Research. One of the things that really got me was Asirra (from here):

Asirra: Securing Web Services with Cute Kittens

Can you tell a dog from a cat? Perhaps you’ve seen Web services that require you to solve a small challenge to prove you are not an automated script. This is known as a CAPTCHA, and it commonly involves looking at distorted text and typing it into a box. Since OCR software can identify distorted characters quite well, CAPTCHAs add visual clutter to their images, but this also makes the challenges harder and more annoying for humans. We are developing a system, called Asirra, that challenges users to classify images of dogs and cats, a task difficult for software but easy and even fun for humans. Because software is of little help to us, Asirra needs a large source of classified pet images. We obtain them through an alliance with Petfinder.com, a nationwide pet-adoption site, which benefits because every challenge implicitly advertises adoptable pets.

The organizers even went to the extent of putting up a sign at the entrance warning people who were allergic to cat dander not to come in. ^^;;;; And the demo booth had two bored-looking cats in a cage, and one of the people there said that a cat had already been adopted yesterday XD

I probably might die tomorrow, because my initial (free) consultation with my personal trainer at the PRO Club is at 7:30 am. I hope I'm ready... but at least it lasts for one hour. I think. :P
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So, I got my email accounts and most of my work environment set up today. I feel much more productive now that I can actually read documents and get meeting reminders. :P

I also had a great dinner with my aunt and "uncle" (actually her friend), as well as his son, his wife, and their two children, at Kabab Palace near NE 24th Street (next to Performance Bicycle Shop and around the corner from the Malay Satay Hut of [livejournal.com profile] itsacz fame). And there were leftovers, so I don't need to worry about dinner for the next two days! ^^

This video is made of awesome.

Today was a pretty good day, I suppose. :)

And a question for people: How do you sleep without a fan? I'm finding it kinda hard to fall asleep when I have a heater in my room, but no fan to circulate air.. ^^;;;
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Scottish Fold
Kitty Love Is In The Air
I'm sleepy...

They're all cute ^_^

And... I'm off for the next few days until tomorrow ^^;;; I won't be online or posting to LJ, but it's time for a break.

See you~
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Today, while going to my optician to send in my glasses for new lenses, I decided to take some pictures on my journey. This is the result. :P

Canal no. 5, anyone? )

The visit to the optician was pretty uneventful (I have to go back on Thursday to collect my normal frame with new lenses), but on the way back, I had an opportunity to test out the "kids & pets" scene mode of the camera. :P

Cat #1 (somewhat shy, not very friendly) )

Cat #2 (very friendly and somewhat aggressive towards other cats, especially when someone's stroking him) )

Yes, I am in love with those cats, and I'm going to miss them when I go.

And finally...

Spot the difference? )

I feel that I must say this: Cats are all sophisticated ladies and gentlemen, or Aristocats \o/
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Especially a basket of kittens (consider, for example, my Gmail display name) ^_^ Though I can't claim to be as cute as a basket of kittens. ^^;;

Totally yanked from [livejournal.com profile] chibi_nasu:

Meme-thingy )

Lyrics )
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Especially for [livejournal.com profile] idealist:

Neko-Shinku in all her glory ^_^ )

Also, the idea of having Shinku write a blog about herself and activities in her life has been floated. I'm not sure how I would be able to write without introducing some spoilers (especially for those who haven't watched Rozen Maiden: Träumend), though. That's something that needs to be worked out. ^_^;;;

But this is still an interesting project and something I'd consider doing. In fact, I already have some ideas for the first few entries. :P
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Translated using Excite, in reference to this picture:

#1 )

#2 )

More cats!

Oct. 12th, 2006 06:17 pm
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Number 1
袋の中が大好き! (It loves in the bag.)

Number 2
いい顔に撮れました (It was possible to take it influential.)

Number 3
拾ってきました (It has picked it up. )

Number 4
(A small cat is discovered in the garden.
Then, it is feeling like that a smaller cat is a child supply
secretly and gives birth by the …… junior high school student.
It is none. all the alone division of the food Yammama cat into
eating Neco
Can strangeness, and good one Neco bringing up a child of)
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These are links which I felt didn't need their own post or much explanation:

Rozen neko~ (if this link is dead by the time you view it, ask me for the image) (replaced link to 2chan with this link because the original image is 404'd now...)
This image should make complete sense if you have ever watched Rozen Maiden (which I finally did yesterday). It also reminded me a lot of Shinku and the person who uses that nick (sometimes) on IRC. :P

This is the description included with the image:

A (rough) translation using Excite is
"Exterminating started because the number of cats had increased too much in the vicinity. It escapes safely a lot by even one. "

Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later
This article talks about some of the post-Katrina devastation still present and how some peoples' lives are still affected now, more than a year after it occurred. I think these quotes from the article sum it up nicely:

You should understand that any story you hear about something this vast will bear the mark of the person telling it. A visitor, no matter how well-intentioned, will not see it the same way as one who calls the area home. Someone who lost their house will not see it the same as one whose losses were minimal. One who rode out the storm in New Orleans will not see it the same as an evacuee, nor will one who endured the belated and ham-handed evacuation of the Superdome and Convention Center see it the same as one who waited patiently in the suburbs for the electricity and relatives to return.

One who lost relatives or had to swim for his life in the flood will see it a lot differently from those of us who watched it on TV.

Thousands of rural communities were cut off from civilization by downed power and phone lines and rural roads choked with fallen trees. Many of those people had to rescue themselves with chainsaws and repurposed construction equipment because all of the available resources were being directed toward New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Trees which fell on houses rested there for months, even in areas not generally considered part of the "disaster area." Today, most of that damage has been repaired, and the millions of trees felled by Katrina have been harvested in a tidy little windfall for the logging industry. You can still see the scars, trees not felled but left leaning and trunks snapped off forty feet up, all along every road. But the most enduring legacy is a certain bitterness that it took so long for help to arrive.

This is a link to the transcript of this talk which was delivered on April 8, 2006. A link to download the talk is also provided at the beginning of the transcript. I still haven't listened to the talk yet, but I think it would be considerably more interesting than reading only the transcript. :P

US population nears 300 million
I didn't know the US was now the third-most populous country in the world. It's also interesting that it's the only major country that seems to be bucking the trend of declining birth rates, even if a large proportion of that is through immigration...

Birds of Prey: The Feathered Killing Machines
When I was young (and before I grew up), I dreamed of owning falcons and raising them, and delighting in seeing them swoop across the sky. While I don't really feel that way any more, it's still an interesting subject for me, and that's why I liked reading this article. It also offers advice on how to raise your birds of prey.
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I got my laptop repaired for free on Tuesday after waiting for about an hour. It needed a new motherboard, so all my files are still here. ^_^;; I should make a backup soon, though. Maybe when I have a little more time.

On the way home after buying some computer and audio cables, I stopped by the side gate to my condominium complex to see whether the cats were there. For those of you who haven't heard this before, there are three stray cats that live outside my condominium and they are absolutely adorable. :) Two of them are black, and one has a white patch of fur on its underside while another has a clipped ear, while the other non-black cat is a black and white one.

Anyway, the cat with the white patch decided that it liked my bare foot and nuzzled it with its nose. That was ticklish, to say the least, but more was to come.

I squatted on my legs to stroke the cat, and it attacked my side with its nose! ^^;; That was really too much for me to contain and I started laughing and backed away from the cat a little so I wouldn't hurt it. I don't know what it thought of the whole experience, though. Perhaps it was thinking "I will never understand these humans..." :P

Later that night, I went with my sister and cousin for an ice-cream treat at Haagen-Dazs in Holland Village (which is open until 12 am, not 10:30 or 11 pm like I thought) because my cousin was leaving on Wednesday afternoon, but we drove there and back and so I didn't see the cats. It was a very delicious treat though, as I had a Black Forest-themed ice-cream consisting of one scoop of brandied chocolate and another of chocolate together with some cherries, two chocolate sticks and lots of whipped cream. :)

When I came home today, all three cats were there again. The friendly one nuzzled my leg and rubbed itself over my boots while purring, and the other black cat decided it wanted to sharpen its claws on my boot. o_O Fortunately I was able to persuade it not to, and then I bent down again to stroke the cats. I guess I should have seen what was coming. :P

The friendly one attacked me with its nose again in my side. This time though, it aimed at the...softer part of my side. ^^;;; I really couldn't resist laughing and I nearly picked up the cat to cuddle it in my arms and stroke it endlessly. I didn't though, because it was already dark, being after 8 pm, and I was hungry.

I came home tired and somewhat worn out from a very long day, but lightened by the experience of being tickled by a very friendly black cat and by some other things that happened, although this entry isn't really the place to talk about them. :P
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DIY Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser

It's awesome! :) Just because you can feed your cats via the Internet. :D

I don't have any cats right now, but this is definitely an idea I'd consider if I was going on vacation.

I'd want to make sure it worked first, though, and that the cats wouldn't topple it over. It would be a big problem if I came back home to a messy kitchen full of cat food and cats lying all over. :P
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Speaking of cats, I believe I've seen 12 so far. There was 1 cat on my first day in Manila (it was preening itself on a table shamelessly), and I saw 7 cats at UST during the finals on Tuesday, and so far I've seen 4 cats around UP Diliman and in Ateneo. They're all mostly harmless, but very timid and run away as soon as I try to approach them, although I did manage to take some photographs of them (and thus [livejournal.com profile] wao should be happy).

Today I went for the adjudication test that determines what kind of adjudicator I get (chair, panelist or trainee) and we watched a taped debate as part of the test. The sound was generally okay, except that some speakers really tested the limits of the camera's microphone and I had to strain to hear some speakers. :P

After that, the debaters in our contingent went to spar against UPD and SMU, and I went along to adjudicate. We returned around 5:30 pm and got changed quickly to proceed to the opening night and cultural item.

While I got there too late to see the cultural item, I was still able to take photographs of myself and the others there while having dinner and then came back. It was good and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when the debates proper start. :)


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