Sep. 22nd, 2006 09:03 pm
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So I didn't make it through after all. :P But I'm not disappointed, because I...sort of knew after last night that I probably wouldn't make it.

But at least I put in a good effort, even if it was somewhat ruined by excessive pedalling and nervousness (with some rushing and quite a few missed notes/mistakes) on my part. And that was something that was recognized by the person conducting the auditions. In fact, he suggested that I try to find a duet version of this score, and he would then coach me and a partner in it.

I thanked him for the offer, but I declined because right now I'm already going through enough personal crises without needing to deal with another source of stress. ^_^; Besides, I've already achieved my life-time goal of performing in all three variations: solo, duet and two-piano.

I wish everyone luck for the concert! :)
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So sue me. :P

I've been really busy with school work, auditions and coaching, and I'll write more about some of the notable things that happened over the last two weeks later.

But for now, I just have to say that I'm overjoyed that I can perform at Touch 2006. :-)

For those who didn't make it through the auditions, I feel that the most beneficial thing that you could take away is simply the sheer experience of it all - working with a partner over several weeks or months, getting to know your partner and vice-versa, and giving it your best shot. (And if I hadn't been selected, I'd have felt the same way too. It really was quite fun and an eye-opening experience!)
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It turns out that the audition wasn't held today because our piano tutor had to attend to something else at the last minute, and so wasn't able to make it.

The audition is now on January the 13th (a Friday!) at 6 pm. This is much better because it gives me more time to practice with my partner, although I believe that we already have quite good coordination after today. :)

I think it's an indication that I'm really tired when people such as Betty (the president of NUSPE) tell me that my eyes appear bloodshot. I blame that on having to do a lot of work today. :P
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It seems the Animesuki forums were down for some time as they were hacked and then redirected to the Maddox forums. They're back now, though.

However, I'm glad that the person whom I sent a private message to on the forums received it and sent a reply (which I received two minutes after I left for work, it seems). :)

In other news, I think I might collapse tomorrow, from working until 6:30 pm (or 6:25 if I'm lucky), then rushing down to campus to be there in time for auditions. I hope nothing goes wrong, because I haven't been able to practice a lot. I'll probably write more about it at a later time.
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It's now almost certain I won't be playing for Touch (or even taking part in the auditions), after my partner pulled out today.

I'm going to try asking around, but I seriously doubt anyone's willing to help. I should have known that classical was really out of my ability and that no one else is interested in playing two-piano rags.
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So, I originally intended to play "Two-Step" from Samuel Barber's Souvenirs with my partner, and sent an email to that effect to our piano tutor.

However, I've now been asked to prepare an additional piece as the Two-Step is too short by itself. I'm not entirely sure what I want to play, but I was thinking of the Pas de Deux from the same collection. It would be a nice contrast..

Also, I'm happy that [ profile] princesscurly is back on the air! :)
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I'm rather nervous...


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